Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Working With Idots Can Kill You......Really True...

(...background music by John Legend's, "Ordinary People"....)

Conversation through the radio (some exaggeration):
Me: Mr. X please call back
X: Yes
Me: I have a problem and I need your expertise
X: Why should I? I didn't change anything on my side. You should check on your side.
Me: But I have already did
X: Not my problem. Sought it yourself.

That was more or less the same conversation that I had for the past four days to convince my Electrical colleague to assist me. The problem is people do not want to believe that they are the problem even though explanation upon explanation had given to make them understand. People start to get defensive. The intention is to resolve the issue not putting blame. The cherry on the ice-cream was, I got scolded for the past four fucking days related to this issue. At the end of the day, I WAS BLOODY FUCKING RIGHT!!!!! The problem was from their side and at that particular moment I believed I could hear the church choir singing "Hallelujah". Hahahaha!!!

God is fair!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Am I Unable To Do Anything Right?

(...background music by Duffy's Stepping Stone...)

I just keep on screwing up this year. It all started early this year where I had a 'promotion' assessment in which I was unable to make it through. Not to sound conceded, but I had the hardest for that. But it is just not my luck.

Then, later in the year when I was moved to a new position, I had all the ideas in making it better than before. Was I a dumb-ass! I was not able to do what I have intended to do but also I am unable to cope with the demand.

Then I have made a few silly decisions where had caused loss to my company and today was like the grand finale in which I made the stupidest decision without thinking it through. I am so upset with myself right now that I feel like screaming at the top of my lung.

Why am I unable to do anything right? Yeah I know that as human beings we have flaws but I am just disappointed with myself especially when I saw that my junior is progressing way better and faster than I am. And I am still where I am four years ago.

Dear GOD,

I am just lost at the moment and I need some guiding light. I am helpless at the moment and I hope that YOU hear my plea.