Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Marathon, Not A Sprint

It is sometimes very enlightening when you have a discussion or conversation on life with the old and the wise. I meant in a very respective manner when I say 'the old'. This is because, you tend to learn more about life and its surprises through them.

I always have this heart-to-heart discussion with my mentor. He is my guide on life and also about work. So we had one conversation that I believe will always resonate with me through my life. As I mentioned earlier in my previous entry, I faced one of the difficult failures of my life. I am a very competitive person and what ever people can do, I am determined to do it better. Unfortunately on this particular moment others did better than I do.

My frustration and disappointment were sensed by my mentor. Rather to comfort me he said the most shocking statement. "Good that this happened to you", he said to me. I was flabbergasted. When I have regained myself from the shock, I asked him, "Why?".

Then like those Hallmark moments that you saw on the telly between father and son, he shared his wisdom with me. He told me that in my infant years working with this universally-known multinational company, he noticed that I have obtained successes equal to those that worked a lifetime. He explained that this moment of failure is good as it builds character. This is because he said, "A true successful person, will be able to pick himself up and achieve better success from the failure that he faced".

It was hard to comprehend at that moment as I was in the moment of 'mourning' so to speak. I was in the moment 'where the world is not fair' and 'I deserve this'. However after settling down, it seriously struck me that it is actually true. This is because, if you only face the ups in life, you will never appreciate it. The downs will make us more appreciative of the ups. Furthermore when you come out from the downs and be successful, that is the most blissful feeling ever.

As he continue to pour his take on life, he said to me, "This is a marathon, not a sprint". It does not mean that if you continue to achieve success after success, you will be a definite winner in the end. You may end up running out of breathe and do not reach the finish line. The winners are those who has the 'stamina' to endure every challenges thrown and reached the finish line. So the question is, do you want to tackle life or work as a marathon or a sprint? The answer is in your hands.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Have I Lost It?

The year 2010 means a lot in the sense that this represent the 5th year I worked with this multinational company. However, this is also the most mind-boggling year ever. This is because I believe I have lost it.

I was reminiscing the 1st year I stepped foot in the world of working for a living. The 1st world was the most awesome year ever. This is because this was the year where I was eager to learn, eager to do anything even photostatting documents in other words, I would do anything. The key word is EAGER.

Over the years, I felt something different. I felt as if I have achieved everything out there. This was something that my superior worry. We are pretty close and we tend to discuss about life. He warned me of achieving everything in a short time. It will tend to diminish what is important in someone's life which is the DRIVE.

If I were to grade my drive during the 1st year, I would say it was a freaking perfect score of 10. However this year, the 5th year, I felt it is mere a 4. I am not trying to be cocky, but this is a fact.

So this year, I am determined to find it again. I need to find it. I need to find the feeling that I felt during that 1st year. GOD, give me the strength.


Friday, January 8, 2010

History Is There For A Reason

There is currently tension in the country. Some 'educated' people has made the worst decision in his or her life. Why would not people think of the repercussion of the decision that they made on a bigger scale? Why must people still touch on sensitive issues, when it was clearly stated earlier in the building this nation?

Freedom of speech? What a bunch of bull crap! People need to be aware of their surrounding and not be selfish. Now look what happened! Argh! I am so fucking pissed off of people who thinks that they have all the right in the world to do what they want.

Guys, reflect back on 13th May 1969. The darkest day in our country's history. Do we want that to happen again? Are we going to celebrate the 40th year of the incident by a bigger incident?

So I am begging people, stop doing things that could jeopardize the peace.

God, please let the peace to continue. Amin.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Importance of Setting Goals

Still talking on my short year vacation at home. I was as usual looking for things to do around the house i.e. watching VCDs or DVDs. As I was browsing on interesting things to watch, I came across Siti Nurhaliza's concert at Royal Albert Hall, London. As a big fan of hers, I decided to watch it and something she said in the opening remark struck a nerve in me.

She said (may not be the exact words), "Ever since I started singing, it has always been my dream to perform here at the Royal Albert Hall. So, I have set a target that one day I will be here and to commemorate my 10th year in this business, my wish has come true".

It dawn on me, not just she is very talented, she is also a visionary. She does not just depend on few big successes, she worked hard to create more and bigger successes. It does make sense that in order to be successful or to achieve your dreams/objectives, you cannot rely on others. You must create your own destiny. Just as what she did to be able to perform at Royal Albert Hall.

Some thinking is required on my behalf I believe on what targets to set for me this year. So back to my thinking I guess.


Monday, January 4, 2010

I Am In Mourning

There is no way understanding life. As you thought that you are much wiser and understand life better as you grow older, there will still be surprises lurking behind the corner to throw you off. Well today's event is no different.

Conversation through the telephone early this morning (with some details omitted):
Friend: Hey, have you heard the news?
Me: What?
Friend: X's wife passed away this morning.
Me: (...paused...) OH MY GOD!

As a Muslim you are always taught that life and death has been determined for each and everyone of us. In other words, it doesn't mean that you will not die at a young age. But as typical human beings, we tend to believe that we will only die when we are old. The news that I received today was really a wake up call. If my time comes tomorrow, will I be ready to face my Maker? The truthful answer is NO! Unfortunately although I know all this, but I am still not doing much to ensure that I have done enough. This is going to be on top of my list this year.

On top of that, it made me realize that life is damn short. We tend to procrastinate things, especially saying "I LOVE YOU" to the ones we love. Another thing on my list this year.

All in all, my heart goes out to my friend, his daughter and family. Be strong my dear friend as God loves her more. You and your sweet daughter will always be in my prayers.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

OMG! It's New Year Already?

Seriously, the year passed by very quickly. True what they say, "Time passes by when you are having fun". Well for me, from the last entry to this one, a lot had happened.

Firstly, I spent 2 months in Houston,TX on job attachment. Who would have ever thought of that? Especially me. I was given the opportunity to represent my organization for some project review in Houston, TX. It was a mind blowing experience and surely on top of my "Experience That I Will Never Forget List". This is number two after shaking hands with my idol, Dr. M. This was basically two weeks after my last entry. Between getting the news and going, there were lots needed to be settled hence no time for new entry.

Secondly, before going to Houston, TX, celebrated Eid Fitr with my beautiful family. It was rather an emotional one ever. For your information, I can be a little selfish bitch. So, during that time with tantrum flying high and a lot of things been said and also crying, few feelings had been hurt. Since it is indeed the time for forgiveness, forgiveness was given and received. The most therapeutic moment ever. Who needs shrinks? Hahahaha......

Got back from TX, prepare myself for an assessment. Not just any assessment, but the assessment that could determine whether I will be promoted or not. Went to Labuan, an awesome experience as I have never been there, for the assessment. Thought that my turn will be from 2pm-4pm. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong! It was instead to be 9pm-11.30pm. Hahahaha.... The waiting is one thing, but to stay awake is another. Hahahaha...another those experience that I will never forget. Hopefully, my prayers will be answered and I will get through this time around.

Lastly, after the assessment, I felt the need to see my family. So with all the persuasive techniques that I could think of, managed to convince my superior to approve my leave. Went back on the 23rd December 2009 to my parents surprise. As a matter of fact, I did tell my parents that I was going back. The reaction on my parents' faces, PRICELESS!! With the leave given, I took the opportunity to attend my house-mate's wedding in Penang on 28th December 2009. Touched down in KL on the 29th December 2009, went to Istana Budaya to catch a show. It was freaking awesome!

Got back from there and my parents' house was fulled with all my siblings and nephews and nieces. That was the icing on the cake, spending quality time with family. Although it was quite tiring, but it was fun! Cannot wait for another family gathering.

With all that and today back in Bintulu, I just cannot wait to what this year holds for me. Hope that I can climb every mountain laid in front me this year. I have a feeling that it is going to be a wonderful year.